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Add an exciting element to your jewelry with color changing powder! Inside, your piece will have the gorgeous milky color, but take it in the sun and it has a different personality!


Can only be used for breastmilk and formula pieces


Each piece that you would like to have the color changing effect is an extra $3. If you do not want it on your whole order, please specify in the comment section which piece(s) you would like it on.

Color Changing Powder

  • Do not keep in the sun for an extended period of time, as it will compromise the brilliance of the color, causing a "sun burn" on the powder.

    Do not get jewelry wet, as this will compromise the quality.

    Do not expose jewelry to high heat, as this can also be damaging.


    Tarnishing can be result of improper care of the jewelry, so please wear your jewelry respectfully.